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CPEC & Future of Coastal Tourism

PAKISTAN is a God gifted country as it has been blessed with a variety of seasons. On top of that the geographical location of Pakistan goes to another benefit as Pakistan has a gift of wide varieties of mountains, plateaus, beautiful landscapes, and many desserts as well. All of Pakistan’s provinces shine into the beauty of their own identity as it might be one of the few nations that have a beautiful sea, lush-green meadows, and landscapes, desserts as well as glaciers. In Pakistan, the people usually prefer to travel to northern areas of Pakistan because of its pleasant and cool temperature plus the greenery is preserved for thousands of years and it’s also easy to travel on those places through road and restrooms are every few kilometers.

Pakistani people often go to foreign countries to witness the beauties of beaches of the oceans but what they mostly ignore is that their own country has a 1000km long coastline along the Arabian Sea and in that distance full of many beautiful places to travel. Karachi is full of places for tourism like sandspit, Hawks bay, french beach, and many more. However, these places need to be taken care of to completely clean them of all the pollution that Karachi is been suffering from these days. On the east side, the creeks area has one of the biggest mangrove jungles which help the land from dangerous hurricanes, floods, and intense wind waves. The trees also prevent the land from erosion with its widespread roots in the soil. These roots also filter the water, clear any pollutants, and contains sediments. Moving from east to west on the coastal way we find some amazing places Gaddani which is the largest Pakistani ship breaking yard. Then come sonmiani and Kund Malir which its own sparkling and shining water beauty. Then Ormara which is another magical place comes. A lot of the development has been done in Ormara by the Pakistan Navy and a cadet college is built there for providing high-class training to the cadets from Balochistan. This development in Ormara has also benefited the locals of this land as many healthcare and other facilities are being provided to them. However development for tourism is also a need as the beautiful land and its people will flourish more through tourism. Balochistan coast includes famous places like Pasni, Khor Kalmat, Astola Island, Gwadar, Ganz, Daran, and Jiwani where water as clear as the mirror can be seen, the magnificent beaches and natural seafood with quality true to its name can be found.

Tourism is one of the major sectors in the financial plan of every country that can boost the economy at a really fast pace. Not only is that it also the 2nd largest industry in the world with lots and lots of small and mediocre industries working for it. the WORLD TRAVEL and TOURISM COUNCIL’S GLOBAL DATA concludes that 2.5 percent of economic growth occurred globally while the tourism sector had a growth of 3.5 percent and creating twenty-five percent new jobs. In Pakistan tourism supports our GDP by 3.9 percent only, however in 2019 4.7 percent of rising in it was witnessed. But unluckily due to COVID 19, Pakistan has suffered a big loss in this industry because new arrivals were dropped by 65 percent according to a survey issued by the barometer of The USA. Hopefully when the world win against COVID 19 the tourism will start to come to Pakistan again.

The coastal tourism generates 183 billion USD annual throughout the globe. The surveys tell us that potential in Pakistan coastal areas is estimated to 4 to 5 billion dollars however Pakistan only  earn 50000 dollars only from this sector. According to a maritime study, the survey told us that almost 70 percent of the participants have shown interest in coastal areas for tourism but most of them have neither experienced it nor they have seen any coastal areas except for the Sindh Sea.

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