Reasons To Invest In Gwadar

Reasons To Invest In Gwadar

Reasons To Invest In Gwadar

February 14,2018 0comments

Gwadar is going to be the next Karachi for Pakistan. We have been hearing this statement for many years because of Gwadar’s proximity to the Arabian Sea. However, a few instances in past promises escalation in the city’s growth. Majorly, two events influenced the Gwadar revolution;

Gwadar Deep-Sea Port:

In 2007, Pervez Musharraf inaugurated the deep sea port in #Gwadar. Establishment of the deep sea port was lauded throughout the country and considered a breakthrough that kick-started the development of infrastructure, communication, transportation and other amenities in Gwadar.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC):

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (#CPEC) is the limelight of Gwadar currently. The $62 billion project encompasses modern transportation networks, several energy projects, and distinctive economic zones. CPEC made Gwadar the shiny center of attention for Pakistanis as well as the entire region.

In fact, former Chief Minister of Baluchistan Sanaullah Zehri called CPEC a jugular vein of Pakistan and called the investors to seize the opportunity at the right time. He said,

This is the right time to invest in Gwadar because property value is affordable. If an immediate investment is missed, the property value will be much higher and could become unaffordable soon.

Reasons To Invest In Gwadar:

We find following reasons to be of prime importance for investment in Gwadar;

1. Economic Hub And Consequential Gains:

Deep sea port and CPEC will turn Gwadar into the economic hub. The Middle East, Europe, and Asia will be connected via one route. The opportunity is considered lucrative by many international companies. They are willing to settle down in the city and take full advantage of the situation.

It is expected that over 400,000 jobs will be created in the city in coming years due to various business ventures and development. If anything, Gwadar is bound to grow from its current stature, which guarantees only gains in investment. The return on investment is certain but you will have to wait and see how much it benefits.

2. Safe And Secure Gwadar:

Gwadar had questionable security standards and investing in unstable lands is not recommended. However, that was before Gwadar was updated with a deep sea port and CPEC. The Pakistan government was aware of the situation and immediately took effective measures to curb the security conditions in the region and make it safe and secure to attract investors locally and internationally.

Recently, Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo ensured that Gwadar will have the trade-friendly environment and provide foolproof security to foreign companies investing in the city. He also guaranteed that government is doing everything in its hand for Gwadar so that maximum number of investors can spend freely in Balochistan.

Invest Gwadar: The Future Is Promising

There is no doubt that Gwadar will deliver on its promise of being the heart and soul of Pakistan’s economy in near future. Question is, will you take part in this golden opportunity and bet on Gwadar real estate. Gwadar is the bitcoin of Pakistan – the only difference is nobody has any reservation or uncertainty regarding the gains.

If you are looking for any investment opportunities then Gwadar is for sure the right choice and place.


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