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CPEC Rapidly Shaping Geo-Economic Dynamism Evolving Connectivity

CPEC is an initiative of China’s OBOR (one belt one road) and BRI (belt road initiative). This agreement is bilateral between China and Pakistan but it is an economy booster for the region. From last decades the progress of China is a symbol for every developing country in the world and also for Pakistan. We can adopt the revolutionary method experimented by china for prosperity and progress. It also surprises the world to be emerging superpower of the world and this fact cannot be denied by any country.

The project CPEC starts from Gwadar to Kashgar region in china’s bordering province. Gwadar is located in the Arabian Sea is a vital seaport in the region that will join many regions like Iran, Afghanistan, middle east and central Asian states. This project will bring economic boon and shaping its Geoeconomic dynamism through belt road initiative.

The question is how beneficial this project for Pakistan? There are many projects in CPEC that will boost the economy of Pakistan and Geoeconomic dynamism through its evolving connection in the region.

There is a huge number of unemployed youth that will get the opportunity to find their lively hood under these projects. Skilled persons also working under this project. This project will bring prosperity in the country through fast rail transportation systems. The industrial sector will be revolutionized and engagement of business will flourish in the country but also in the region. It also involves other sectors like agriculture, public-private sector, real estate projects and the manufacturing sector. These areas will be revolutionized under this mega project.

India is also investing in Iran and Afghanistan therefore it is making propaganda in the region with other countries. But Pakistan stated in every international platform that this mega project is a symbol of prosperity and people to people contact. Therefore the vision of CPEC is to bring harmony in the region through its dynamic evolving connectivity. This project will reunite the entire region with other European countries.

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