CPEC Media Forum annual meeting in Islamabad on 27th

CPEC Media Forum annual meeting in Islamabad on 27th

CPEC Media Forum annual meeting in Islamabad on 27th

November 24,2017 1comments

The CPEC Media Forum is going to hold its third annual meeting here in Islamabad on November 27, 2017, in which media practitioners belonging to both China and Pakistan will participate in it.

The President CPEC Media Forum Hafiz Tahir Khalil told journalists on Wednesday that there would be four sessions in the upcoming moot going to be held in Islamabad in which 10 journalists from China would be participating in it.

In inaugural session, Federal Minister for Ports & Shipping Mir Hasil Bazenjo, Chairman CPEC Parliamentary Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, China’s Ambassador in Pakistan and CEO China Economic Net would address for throwing light on the importance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

In the first working session, experts will discuss cultural linkages in the context of CPEC. Different experts including CEO Dawn Group Hameed Haroon, Chinese professor and Hasan Daud Deputy Project Director CPEC at Planning Commission will deliver speeches on different aspects of CPEC.

In the second working session, Sarmad Ali of Jang Group, Shahid Rasheed Executive Director Center of Excellence of Pak China Center at PIDE, President CPEC Media Forum Hafiz Tahir Khalil, Editor People’s Daily China and Asif Salahuddin CEO INP News Agency will deliver speeches on issues related to CPEC.

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